What are my shipping options?
Natura Blooms offers 2 types of delivery: To find out more about delivery options for your bulk flowers orders, please go to Delivery Information.

What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is the preset number of stems or bunches determined per pack from the farms. The quantities available are listed on the online floral shop catalog.  If you would like a smaller stem count for your bulk flowers order, you are able to purchase our products through our consumers & transactional orders subdivision. If you need a standing order for one or several of our products, it can be customized to be repeated for delivery every week.

How do I place an order?
You have two options to place an order for high quality products at better rates than Costco flowers. You can either login with your username and password and place the order on our online floral shop, or, you can contact one of our sales representatives via phone and have them assist you with placing the order. 

How do I track my orders?
Go to the top of the page at Naturablooms.com and click on the “Track Your Order” tab for real time UPS or FedEx tracking.

How do I contact a live representative for help?
To contact any of our live representatives for help with your bulk flowers orders, please contact us at 877-969-2566.

Do Prices include shipping?
Once you have indicated your shipping method, the online floral shop will calculate your bulk flowers pricing including delivery charges if you choose to include shipping of your bulk flowers in your order. 

Do you sell to the public?
Natura Blooms specializes in B2B orders supplying the floral needs for wholesale buyers, florists, wedding & event planners at better pricing than costco flowers but with high quality products for the trade. If your orders are sporadically by visiting our online store as well. 

Can I place a standing order?
Yes. Once you have indicated your shipping method, you are able to set a standing order for bulk flowers to be delivered as regularly as you wish.

Do you sell floral supplies?
Yes. We carry a wide variety of options for your floral supplies needs at better rates than Costco flowers, guaranteeing higher quality standards and customized service according to your needs.