Issue with Order?

The following policy highlights the steps to file a claim and receive credit on a particular product. Please keep in mind that we work closely with farms around the globe that grow and harvest only the highest quality products available in the market. However, due to the perishability of the products traded, there is a slight possibility that there are issues.
Filing claims in a timely manner, will allow us to work closer with our growers to fix any quality issue and minimize our loses thus keeping product pricing down across the board. Thank you in advanced for your adherence to our claims and credit policy.
Customers must inspect product upon arrival to their facility. Any quality problems, shortages, or wrong product must be reported to Natura Blooms within 24 hours of receipt of product. Natura Blooms requests a minimum of six photographs of the product that can demonstrate the damage or the issue experienced; or request of the product to be returned. The six photos must include the following:

    Photo # 1: Labels of the product from the farm (these labels can be found on one side of the box and they demonstrate the total number of bunches or stems, product name, color, or variety shipped).
    Photo # 2: Shipping labels (these labels are the FedEx or UPS shipping labels, or the labels from the trucking or freight company that demonstrate that this product was coming from us to you).
    Photo # 3: A photo of the box received showing the name of the farm and the size of the box from top to bottom.
    Photos # 4 & 5: Close-ups of the product demonstrating the issue and the exact number of stems affected. Please make sure that the photos submitted indeed show the problem in order to help you. If photos submitted do not demonstrate the issue, the exact number of stems affected, and they show normal product according to the standards of the flower industry, or specific product performance; credit will not be issued. Credit will only be given for the exact number of stems affected.
    Photo # 6:  Photo of the entire order received. Please keep in mind that per flower industry, there are some products that come packed in layers so if there is missing product make sure that you count the number of stems at the bottom.

A credit request must be completed to document the problem, including the following information:

    Date received
    Invoice number
    Product purchased
    Units claimed
    Reason for claim (with explanation)
    Total dollar amount of claim

Please make sure that you receive a copy of your credit memo since claims that are not approved cannot be honored. Upon validation of customer’s claim, a credit memo will be issued and sent to clients via email, fax, or mail. Natura Blooms is not responsible for problems occurring during shipping from our location to your facility, including late deliveries caused by weather or acts of God. In the event that there is a claim with a delivery issue, claims must be submitted with either FedEx and UPS or the Flight forwarder or trucking company. While we will try to act in your behalf so these companies will help you process your claim, Natura Blooms is not responsible for any shipping related claims and whatever resolution are what the shipping companies provide, are what is going to be honored for issues with product while in transit.